The Eastfield Group's Corporate Strategy is applied to Eastfield Resources and Cariboo Rose Resources. The strategy has four key points:
  • Project Venturing - Projects are acquired at an early stage and are optioned to third parties to provide exploration funding. This adds leverage that allows the company to pursue several projects at once, resulting in reduced overall risk.

  • Metals and Deposit Targeting - The group confines its exploration efforts to large deposit types, containing metals with strong supply demand relationships. It is committed to adding high quality gold and copper properties to its portfolio.

  • Political and Economic Stability - The group prefers to work in areas that allow cost-efficient exploration, with secure mineral tenure and progressive mining law. Many of their properties are in British Columbia, Canada, where recent political changes have significantly warmed the climate for mineral exploration.

  • Low Overhead - The management team is committed to tight administrative cost controls. Low overhead, combined with cash flow from property option payments, reduces the need for equity financings and share dilution.

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Cariboo Rose

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