Eastfield Resources is a one choice investment for investor that would like to participate in multiple discovery opportunities of multiple minerals in a single public company. The development strategy is to advance these projects by enticing partners and optionees to do the work. This reduces downside risk to investors while leaving a strong upside in the event a project discovery does catch the interest of a major producer.

What is the advantage of investing in Eastfield Resources?
  • Five active projects in BC.
  • All properties have significant potential for major discovery.
  • Minerals include gold, copper, silver, nickel, molybdenum and PGM.
  • Experienced management with geologists who are familiar with the projects.
  • Company is known and respected in the industry and is 25 years old.
  • A good capital structure with approximately 45 million shares outstanding.
  • High leverage - properties are developed by optionees or joint venture partners.
  • No debt, substantial unallocated financial resources.
  • Low political risk environment in Canada.
  • Still low total market capitalization.

Eastfield shareholders have benefited over the years with shares from spinoff or related companies, click here to see the various Eastfield spinoffs.

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