The Indata property is located approximately 130 kilometers northwest of Fort St. James in central British Columbia. Indata consists of 18 claims encompassing 3,169 hectares and is situated in a complex geological setting straddling the Pinchi Fault Zone, a major structure separating the oceanic derived Cache Creek Terrane on the west side and mafic volcanic island arc derived Quesnel Terrane on the east side. It is probable that units belonging to both terranes are juxtpositioned against one another in complex arrangement on the property.


Indata is owned 91.1% by Eastfield Resources Ltd. and 8.9% by Imperial Metals Corporation having diluted down from 30%. The first claims at Indata were staked by Imperial Metals Corporation in 1983 and the property was purchased by Eastfield Resources, then private, in 1986. In 1988 and 1989 Placer Dome Inc. funded $1,000,000 in exploration at Indata through two private placements in Eastfield.


Two types of mineralization have historically been explored for at Indata; mesothermal gold-silver veins and porphyry style copper mineralization hosted in volcanic rocks and granodiorite dominant intrusions. Drill intercepts have included 47.26 g/t gold over 4 metres and 0.20% copper over 145.4 metres while trench results have included 0.37% copper over 75 meters. One of the most noteworthy features of the Indata prospect is the size and intensity of the soil geochemical copper anomaly where values exceeding 500 ppm Cu are common and reach a maximum value of 7,771 ppm in soil over an area of approximately 600 by 2,000 metres within a larger conceptual target following an intrusive volcanic contact for 6,000 meters.

Also of note is an area of high grade copper and copper-gold mineralization identified in 1989 in a separate area in the north-eastern sector of the property and never followed up. Here a cluster of mineralized basalt and andesite grab samples from an open ended area measuring 250 meters in a north south orientation (east-west width unknown) average 1.60% copper and 0.19 g/t gold including results as high as 3.3% copper and 575 ppb gold. It is conceivable that an unidentified buried porphyry entity may be responsible for this mineralization. The Kwanika porphyry copper-gold deposit owned by Serengeti Resources Inc. is located 14 kilometers to the north.

Indata is underlain by three main assemblages which have been intruded by several intrusive entities; limestone with minor intercalated shale; basaltic andesitic volcanic rocks with minor latite and dacite deposited under marine conditions; and serpentinite derived from peridotite which may be ophiolitic in origin. It is uncertain which stratigraphic unit the volcanic rocks belong to or exactly what are the structural relationships with regards to faulted or intrusive contacts between individual units. All of the mapped units on the property with the possible exception of limestone have been intruded by dioritic or granodioritic entities. Areas of silicification in the limestone suggest that it too has been intruded by at least the younger granodiorite body.

Deposit Model

Examples of Cretaceous/Upper Jurassic porphyry copper deposits in the Cordillera include, the Casino deposit (Cu, Au, Mo), the Brenda Mine (Cu, Mo), the Pebble deposit in Alaska (Cu, Au, Mo) and the mines of Butte Montana (Cu, Au, Mo). Examples of Motherlode Gold deposits include the numerous past producers of the Motherlode district in northern California and the Bralorne Mine in BC.


The Indata property covers an upland forested undulating area between Indata Lake to the east and Albert Lake to the west within the Peace River watershed which ultimately directs water to the Arctic Ocean. Elevations range from 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) to 1,290 meters (4,230 feet). An 18 kilometer long all weather road has been constructed into the heart of the property.


Indata Claims Map
Indata Claims 2009


Click here to view Photos from a recent trenching and soil sampling program


  • Indata 43-101 Report PDF

    Photos from a recent trenching and soil sampling program

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